We believe in simplicity, in sensitivity and in products that last through time.

We are a brand of accessories with outstanding own style.

Our products are created from natural and sustainable materials made in Spain.
We believe in simplicity, sensitivity and durability over time.

We are committed to local, ethical and sustainable production.

The entire creation and production process is carried out in Spain, using natural, organic, toxic-free materials to maintain the essence of quality.

María Ercole

Creative Director

Brand co-founder, stylist, she loves design, ballet, theater, cinema, museums, traveling and photography.

Sergio Cappanera

Art and design collaborator

Brand co-founder, he loves theater, lighting, photography, traveling, ice-creams and pizza.

Teresa Bellón

Illustrator and designer

She was born with a pencil under her arm. Her favorite activity is drawing and that is the reason she has made it her way of life. She loves children's picture books, chocolate, and traveling.


Illustrator and designer

She loves cats, monkeys, reading dictionaries, stones, sticks and the sea.

Eva Hernández

Photographer and stylist

She loves healthy cooking, traveling, ceramics and cookbook creator.